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Fairy Tale Meme:

5 Enchanted Objects - [Bluebeard’s Keys]

"Here," said he," are the keys to the two great wardrobes, wherein I have my best furniture. These are to my silver and gold plate, which is not everyday in use. These open my strongboxes, which hold my money, both gold and silver; these my caskets of jewels. And this is the master key to all my apartments. But as for this little one here, it is the key to the closet at the end of the great hall on the ground floor. Open them all; go into each and every one of them, except that little closet, which I forbid you, and forbid it in such a manner that, if you happen to open it, you may expect my just anger and resentment.”

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AHS Coven →  Rituals and Spells

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"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will never lead you astray."

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Favorite Book or Series  Meme [9 / 20]The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo

Beauty was your armor. Fragile stuff, all show. But what’s inside you? That’s steel. It’s brave and unbreakable. And it doesn’t need fixing.

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Givenchy Haute Couture - Details

I just watched the fight between Will and Mac in episode two and he says that he would have rather not been told about the cheating and he sounds so dejected there and the idea that maybe he had idolized his dad for the first few years of his life, and maybe he believed his mom when she said she fell and hurt herself, and maybe he believed that his dad loved him. Until his mother broke down one day and told him what was actually happening. And part of him wishes she never had.

No one’s a bad guy, although if you call Will a whore again I am going to take out your teeth, one punch at a time.