Actually sitting on my porch and crying because I want apple cinnamon donuts from Blake’s Cider Mill so badly. Thinking about Fall in Michigan is making me really upset.


Falling leaves, cozy sweaters, apple pie…click here for more autumn goodness!

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How can you have a fantasy book without a map? [1/?]



Page 240 of Lament: The Faerie Queen’s Deception and I can’t even. I can’t handle these emotions. I can’t handle Deirdre’s shock and disassociation, it’s too perfect. I take it back, give me a love triangle I will deal with it.

When it comes to that book, imagine me as a maiden trapped in a tower by the sea, longingly waiting for a ship to appear on the horizon and remembering what once was with a sad heart.

[translation: I read Lament a long time ago and I loved it so much and still do and I’ve been waiting for the third book to come out for years.]

oh dear YES a person is reading lament i am so so glad i decided to browse through the ‘faeries’ tag fragmentedvisions you have delighted me immensely with this post sending you lots of love really glad that you’re enjoying the book!

Hahaha, yes, I finished it last night/this morning around 5 am and was just like “buuuuuh this was wonderful cannot compute how wonderful it is oh god yes thank you Maggie for this divine deliverance of Irish faerie tales in modern day settings oh gods thank you thank you thank you”. I have Ballad and I am reading that next. Have you read any of her other books? I really recommend the Raven Cycle. The third one comes out in October. I already preordered. Wow just checked your blog and obvs you have read TRC.

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.



Grimoire 1st Clothing Line “Celestial Closet”

Blue Zodiac Dress, 24,000 yen

oh my god there it is


REAL TALK. 😱😱😱 #halloween #bettlejuice #spooky #realtalk

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Photographer: Jason Busby
Model: Sydney Myers

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Deth P. Sun

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I go through a lot for literature! I’m hoping to get back into reading the way I used to once I finish up Macbeth in November.

okay okay, so the books are incredibly written, I cried just from the words a few times. And just. Feelings. And parallels. And holy hell is Daughter of Smoke and Bones an amazing series. Probably the best thing I have read in a really long time. I am recommending it to literally everyone.